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 Tiphanie Doucet, is a French singer-songwriter and actress who had her first staring role as a child in French film “le Bebe d’Elsa" and later the Glee-lie TV Series “Chante" giving her popularity in her native France. Focusing on her love of music Including playing the harp and dancing, she transitioned fulsome into a music career and eventually traveled to LA and New York where she now resides. In 2020 Tiphanie performed on the Canadian Voice where she was praised by the judges for her dreamy voice and faultless emotional performances before they regretfully lost her beautiful talent in the battle rounds.

After the critically acclaimed success of her 2018 LP ‘Under my Sun’, produced by Simone Felice and David Baron, who have worked with the likes of The Lumineers Bat For Lashes and Jade Bird  which was dubbed as “A richly poignant and pastoral journey that reveals Doucet as a master of the style," by Pop Matters, Tiphanie Doucet revealed her ethereal new EP ‘Painted Blue’, an introspective five-track offering featuring her seductive vocals and sophisticated imagery. The first single "You and I " amassed over 50,000 listens on Spotify, 23 000 views on YouTube and gained exposure with the likes of Rolling Stone France. 


She has notably recorded an EP Re-imagined”  whose various titles which she carefully re-arranges, paint the sweet picture of her pop musical influences. and acoustic, skillfully woven through her precious folk touch. Back in France with the Pandemic, she started producing music at home and  kept playing music during quarantine time, gaining visibility with her many "Live streams shows" on platforms like Sessions Live and then  Clubhouse.  where she hosted the popular  “Lullaby Club”. During in the the winter of 2021 she released an unrecognizable cover of one of Lenny Kravitz’s greatest hit revisited with an incredible soft and magical taste. Produced by David Baron, Lenny's pianist arranger himself on the disc "Raise Vibration" it was recorded at Sun Mountain Studio, where the Lumineers themselves produced their albums. She filmed the Music Video  herself on the empty beaches of Ramatuelle, a small town in the French Riviera where she has settled since the summer of 2021. A week after creating her TikTok profile, she duets “Quelqu’un m’a dit” from famous folk Singer Carla Bruni : the vidéo  ended up been shared by Carla Bruni herself.

Her next release, a fresh, accessible, and groovy version of the famous song of 1987 "Joe le Taxi" , delivering very smooth and inviting vocals is set up for March 18th 2022.  Her cover of this great success, which she produced herself, is approached with flair. The refined synthetic arrangements of this version with a vaporous atmosphere instill a softly catchy quality. The hushed female vocals give this catchy track an ethereal atmosphere.Joe le taxi opens the door to a  new electro pop influence that the artist will continue to unveil all summer 2022 to finish with a new album scheduled for September 2022.


Fans of Feist, Charlotte Cardin, Elio, Maggie Rogers or Taylor Swift, will have their hearts stolen by Tiphanie’s earnest lyrics and calming, yet majestic take on alternative-tinged electro folk-pop.

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"You and I" is the musical equivalent of a ying-yang, the elements of rock from the drums

and electric guitar give a gritty hard edge skillfully representative of Tiphanie’s resilient nature

Vasco Dega, Fame Magazine


"Il ne subsiste aucune frontière entre les épreuves émotionnelles de Tiphanie Doucet et nos propres afflictions intérieures à l’écoute du troublant Painted Blue. Au fil d’un dépouillement instrumental propice à la mise en valeur de sa voix fragile et confidente, l’opus se pare de la couleur qu’il dessine, de cette âme couverte d’une pellicule nocturne que l’art pourrait, à lui seul, parvenir à ôter, doucement, en plusieurs étapes. Il y a de la menace et de la profondeur dans ce disque, de la souffrance épidermique et de la chaleur sous-jacente",

Punktum, 26 Oct 2020, Raphael Duprez


 Tiphanie Doucet's "You and I" Is an Exercise in Pastoral Poignancy (premiere).

she sings with a compelling blend of poignant yearning and sovereign strength—complemented by lovely harmonies, of course—that evokes Norah Jones, Feist, and Eisley. Pop Matters- Jordan Blum - Music video PREMIERE -


"A master of the style,"

Jordan Blum, Pop Matters

Doucet’s dreamy vocal quality is markedly distinct, especially in how she tenderly incorporates

it into her music to tell stories unique to her own outlook and experiences.”
Jonathan Frahm, For Folk's Sake

“Doucet’s hushed invitation to come and be comforted only adds to the feeling of comfort and peace. Her vocal performance is compelling in its attention

to detail–the ends of lines and the wordless sighs that close the song containa lot of emotion without going for the big move.
Stephen Carradini, Independant Clauses 

“French songbird Tiphanie Doucet has completely stolen our hearts with her latest single “Under My Sun.” Jess Grant,  We are the Guard 

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