Early 00s-inspired indie pop with a pastoral vibe,with minimal instrumentation and poignant songwriting.



Tiphanie Doucet is a French artist based in New York. Her emotionally disarming performances deceive in their simplicity, often times consisting of nothing more than her voice and a guitar, occasionally accompanied by a violinist. Yet, they nevertheless arrest audiences through their quiet, brooding intensity, holding a vulnerability that’s offset by a wintry, gallic allure. Doucet recently released her debut album “Under My Sun”, a collection of rustic, yet polished folk numbers produced by David Baron and Simone Felice, who have worked with the likes of Lumineers and Jade Bird.

Though Doucet’s influences are prevalent throughout the album,

nodding to the likes of Norah Jones,Ingrid Michaelson and Feist,

the work is without a doubt a testament

to the uniqueness and originality of her voice.

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Kristen Walters- Planetary group



Eric Hillebrecht- The Music Playground


“Although there's a prevailing sense of scant acoustic elegance that makes the collection feel unified, each composition offers something special. Of course, the opening title track allures with its warm arpeggios, wistful vocals, easygoing percussion, and delicate piano and string accompaniments (courtesy of David Baron, Anneke Schaul-Yoder, and Felice). While several other selections exist in a similar air ("Shadow of You", "Les Miroirs", and closer "9 Bar Café"), pieces like "Dors" and "She" offer a faster pace and lusher symphonic arrangement. Meanwhile, "Come to Me" proves especially inviting with its handclaps and optimistic splendor, whereas "Peace of Heart" is a fervent gem in every way, making it a clear standout of the bunch. Really, every song culminates beautifully to make Under My Sun a piercing, elegant statement.

                      Jordan blum, Pop Matters (Aug 08, 2018)


”Shaped by her experiences in France, Los Angeles, New York, and her recently adopted New Jersey home alike, Doucet’s new work embraces a folksier, jazz-tinged gentleness. Its subtle warmth instantly feels like home, pervading the senses in a way not dissimilar to Norah Jones or Lucy Rose. Yet, in spite of any similarities you may draw between her and other great songwriters, Doucet’s dreamy vocal quality is markedly distinct, especially in how she tenderly incorporates it into her music to tell stories unique to her own outlook and experiences.

                                                                                                  Jonathan Frahm • 10 July 2018- For Folk Sake

"Her vocal performance is compelling in its attention to detail–the ends of lines and the wordless sighs that close the song contain a lot of emotion without going for the big move. If you’re looking for a relaxing summer tune, this is what you’re looking for. Highly recommended."

Stephen Carradini, for Independant Clauses

“We’d gotten to know Tiphanie and her sincerity to her work, is obvious to witness. Her dedication to her craft is unconditional. She’s humble, energetic, honest, and she wants to share her music to greater and greater audiences. And in her humble way, she still is seeking Of herself, and About herself – and we think that contributes profoundly to music making. She wants to be ‘happy’. Happy with her work, happy with her songs making people happy, and happy with making music an even larger part of her life from a career point of view. She’s come a long way. But she’s a tough gal – resilient and proud of her accomplishment and the way she’s come through the personal pains in her past. Her heart pushes her to do so. And in our eyes, that passion is something that we can’t help but DIG about her. Kudos, Tiphanie. Kudos.”

Jason Kim, Come here Floyd (Jun 29, 2018)


La pépite du jour c’est Tiphanie Doucet et Under My Sun

Tiphanie Doucet a une histoire qui ferait un film. Jeune actrice avec Corinne Touzet (oui quand même), bourse US, Danse sur le grand journal, comédie musicale pour finir par se faire repérer dans le métro de New York. Sa vie ressemble à un condensé de la série Un, Dos, très sauf qu’il est par contre fort probable que vous vous souveniez d’elle dans 10 ans. Car Tiphanie a une voix enchanteresse. Elle mélange une guitare sèche folk avec un petit coté soul. C’est une musique à faire tomber les étoiles, en sirotant un petit whisky et en pensant à la vie.

Anotherwhiskyformisterbukowski, Par Charles Chinasky